1993 2-Door Range Rover Classic 200TDI Manual in Beluga Black - AVAILABLE

Extremely rare 1993 2-door 200TDI manual.  Land rover discontinued 2-door Range Rover Classics for most of the world in 1988 but continued to make them for the Spanish and Portuguese markets until 1993.  In 1993 they offered a limited qty from the factory with the more reliable/desirable 200TDI engine.   This one lived it's life rust free in the arid climate of Spain.  Fully rotisserie restored and freshly painted in Beluga Black. 111K Miles - very low for a 200TDI.
Work Completed On This Truck: 
— New Paint/bodywork
— New Hand Stitched Leather Upholstery
— Refinished Door Cards
— New Carpeting
— New Headliner 
— New Wheels And Tires 
— New Front And Rear Shock Absorbers and Springs
— Chassis Checked For Rust And Sprayed With Zinc-based Chassis Paint. 
— Check Compression (strong And Even Across All Cylinders) 
— New Belts
— Engine Rebuilt
— New Engine Oil And Filter 
— New Fuel Pump & Filter 
— New Transmission Oil 
— New Fluid In The Transfer Case 
— New Fluid In The Front And Rear Differentials 
— Pressure Test And Flush The Coolant 
— Flush And Bleed The Brakes 
— Pressure Test And Recharge The A/C System 
— Check Steering System 
— Test All Electrical Components
— New Audio System/Speakers
— Financing available - email info@straydogclassics.com for more info or to schedule an appointment