Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Why do you source your cars in Spain?  - Spain's climate is arid which means no rust.  It's very important that we start with good rust-free examples.  Additionally, Spanish market RRC's were available in different configurations with engines and other features that were never available in the US.

2) Do you handle all of the importing logistics duties etc?  - Yes, when we quote you a price for a vehicle its landed in the USA (New York) customs cleared, duties paid.

3) What is the difference between "refurbishment" and "restoration" - Our cars are expertly refurbished in Spain by highly trained craftsmen.  Refurbishing cars entails fixing/replacing anything that needs to be fixed or replaced.  This may include (but is not limited to) stripping, doing bodywork, painting, adding new leather upholstery, new carpets, new headliner, new wheels, new tires, full engine service, fully mechanically gone thru and tested, compression check, more below...Doing a frame off nut and bolt restoration is almost like building a brand new car from scratch. They also cost about 3 times what our cars cost.

Work completed on recent builds:

- New paint/bodywork
- New bobbed front and rear bumpers
- Body color C-pillars
- New leather upholstery
- Refinished Door Cards
- New carpeting
- New Headliner
- New wheels and tires
- New front and rear shock absorbers
- New alloy steering guard
- Chassis checked for rust and sprayed with zinc-based chassis paint.
- Check compression (strong and even across all cylinders)
- Cylinder head over-hall (Head gasket replaced. Head machined and magnafluxed before re-sealing)
- Valve guides and valve stem seals replaced.
- Check turbo boost (correct and spools quickly)
- Check for leaks
- New engine oil and filter
- New fuel filter
- New transmission oil
- New fluid in the transfer case
- New fluid in the front and rear differentials
- Pressure test and flush the coolant
- Flush and bleed the brakes
- Pressure test and recharge the A/C system
- Check steering system
- Test all electrical components

4) Can you build me a custom car to order?  -  Yes, customers can chose exterior colors/wheels/interior color and materials etc.   We also usually have several amazing and unique trucks in stock for instant gratification.  Vehicles available immediately are viewable here.   If you are interested in having us build you one please email us at info@straydogclassics.com or call us at 929-445-4669.

5) Do you offer cars with Automatic Transmission or just Manual?  - Most of the trucks we source in Spain are 5 speed manual transmission.  They are super fun and easy to drive.   Automatics are very rare there.  Nonetheless we have recently starting sourcing automatics in Spain and the USA for those who want them.

6) Do you offer financing options?  - Yes, we work with a few great companies that specialize in classic car financing.  We don't lease.  We do however rent our cars for film/photo shoots if interested.  We do not rent cars to individuals.

7)  Can I see/test drive a car before purchasing it.  - Of course!  You are welcome to make an appointment and come check one out at our showroom in Brooklyn NY.   Just let us know. 

8) Do you refurbish cars other than Range Rover Classics ? -   Yes, we have done Land Rover Discovery 1 and Defenders too.  We have also sourced some other interesting cars (Porsche, Mercedes, VW....) and put the Stray Dog stank on them.   When we find something cool with potential, we go for it. 

9) I already have a Range Rover Classic can you restore it for me? - Sorry, no we’re too busy sourcing and working on our own cars for customers.  Plus we do most of our work in Spain. 

10) I have a question that is not answered here, how do i contact you? - Send us an email at info@straydogclassics.com