About Us

Welcome to Stray Dog Classics

Designed in Brooklyn. Expertly refurbished in Spain. We believe a car is like a piece of clothing that should make a statement without being too garish. Our cars are meant to be driven, our toys our meant to be played with, our sneakers are meant to be worn, our vintage vinyl should be listened to etc, we are lovers of the analogue. There are no garage queens at Stray Dog! Currently we are focusing on back-dating late model Range Rover Classics to look like they are from the 70's... but on steroids.
We're car enthusiasts like you.  We played with hot wheels when we were kids and now we're just big kids with bigger toys.   These days all cars look pretty much the same especially in the SUV segment.  Sure they are comfortable but we missed connecting with and actually working/feeling a machine by switching gears etc., while hauling our families around.   That's why we started Stray Dog Classics... we wanted to stray away from the norm and have a little fun by backdating 90's Range Rover Classics to look like they are from the 70's (or at least how we dreamed they could have looked in the 70's).  
If you miss driving with a huge smile on your face or seeing other people smile as you drive by, get in touch.  Plus they're actually kind of practical, at least as classic cars go :)  Added bonus:  you won't miss being mistaken for an uber!
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Eat, Shift, & Die.

video by @wheels_of_nyc

video by @alhadeffandco