1990 Admiral Blue 2-Door 3.9L V8 Manual

1990 Range Rover Classic 2-door 3.9L V8 manual.  Land rover discontinued 2-door Range Rover Classics for most of the world in 1988 but continued to make them for the Spanish and Portuguese markets until 1993.  This one lived it's life rust free in the arid climate of Spain.  Fully refurbished and freshly painted in a non-metallic late 60's /early 70’s TVR color called Admiral Blue. 85K miles.

Work Completed On This Truck: 
— New Paint/bodywork 
— New Bobbed Front And Rear Bumpers 
— Body Color C-pillars 
— New Hand Stitched Leather Upholstery (to be added to customer specification)
— Refinished Door Cards (to be added to customer specification)
— New Carpeting (to be added to customer specification)
— New Headliner 
— New Wheels And Tires 
— New Front And Rear Shock Absorbers and Springs
— Chassis Checked For Rust And Sprayed With Zinc-based Chassis Paint. 
— Check Compression (strong And Even Across All Four Cylinders) 
— New Belts
— Check For Leaks (no Major Leaks) 
— New Engine Oil And Filter 
— New Fuel Pump & Filter 
— New Transmission Oil 
— New Fluid In The Transfer Case 
— New Fluid In The Front And Rear Differentials 
— Pressure Test And Flush The Coolant 
— Flush And Bleed The Brakes 
— Pressure Test And Recharge The A/C System 
— Check Steering System 
— Test All Electrical Components
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