1994 Land Rover Discovery 1 300TDI

This exclusive 1994 Land Rover Discovery 1 is one of the most desirable as it is the first year it was fitted with the bulletproof 300TDI and soft dash, but it is also Stray Dog's first ever refurbished Disco. The 300TDI was used in Defenders and Range Rovers of the time as well. This truck has been completely refurbished inside and out with only 116K original mikes (VERY low for a 300TDI).

It also features brand new leather upholstery, new wheels and tires, and a glossy new paint job in signature olive green with white roof cap and wheels — a nod to the Land Rover Series trucks of the past.

Designed in Brooklyn, this vehicle was expertly refurbished in Spain.

Work Completed:
— New Hand-stitched Leather Upholstery
— New Headliner
— New Springs
— Refinished Door Cards
— New Carpeting
— New Wheels And Tires
— New Front And Rear Shock Absorbers
— Cylinder Head Overhaul (Head gasket replaced, head machined & magnafluxed before resealing)
— Valve guides and valve stem seals replaced
— Check Engine Compression
— Chassis Checked For Rust & Sprayed With Zinc-based Chassis Paint
— Check Turbo Boost pressure
— Check For Leaks
— New Engine Oil And Filter
— New Fuel Filter
— New Transmission Oil
— New Fluid In The Transfer Case
— New Fluid In The Front And Rear Differentials
— Pressure Test And Flush The Coolant
— Flush And Bleed The Brakes
— Pressure Test And Recharge The A/C System
— Check Steering System
— Test All Electrical Components
— Upgraded Pioneer audio system with pop-out smartphone cradle


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